Last Word

To impeach, or not to impeach

Abigail Pritchett, BU Democrats

Alright, to commence this article, I’ll start by saying that I don’t completely disagree with you, but my reasoning is different. 

I think that at this point in time, it’s almost too late to even go through with the entire impeachment process. It’s lengthy and frustrating and the election is almost exactly a year away anyways, so it feels a bit pointless. 

In the case of the situation with Ukraine, it’s hard to know what exactly the truth is, as we’ve only heard information from whistleblowers. So, honestly, there isn’t a ton of information to go off of. 

Even if it does turn out that the president has done everything that the whistleblowers are claiming he has done, I still don’t believe that should be the reason for his impeachment. 

This probably sounds odd coming from a Democrat (I’m honestly more of an Independent), but I just don’t think that should be the sole reason for his impeachment. I’m actually surprised that this whole situation is what it took for the process to actually be initiated.

I feel that Trump has already done more than enough for him to be booted out of the White House. He’s a misogynist, a sexual predator, and he’s made fun of disabled people, among many other things. 

Personally, I don’t think Trump should have been elected in the first place. He’s not what America needs now or will quite frankly ever need. 

We need someone with modern ideals who is looking more towards the betterment of the American people rather than himself. 

Yes, politicians are generally corrupt and selfish, but why can’t there be someone who has genuine good in them? Speaking of corrupt politicians, former Vice President Joe Biden was mentioned in the previous article. 

Honestly, I personally don’t like Joe Biden and I don’t believe politicians should ever use their powers for personal gain so I agree with you on that. 

There’s also the fact that even if Trump was to be impeached, we would still be stuck in the same exact situation. Vice President Mike Pence is equally terrible, maybe even more so, and he holds many of the same ideals as President Trump. 

So, it’s almost as if impeaching Trump would really cause no change at all. Yes, it would obviously be great to finally see him held accountable for something he’s done, but in reality, nothing would change. 

All in all, like I said in a similar article about impeachment a few weeks ago, impeachment seems like a good idea, but it’s basically a waste of time. 

I’m not siding with Trump whatsoever, but I feel that we need to just tough it out until we (hopefully) elect a better candidate next November. 

Impeachment is a strenuous process that can take months to even begin and even if Trump did do what he’s being accused of, his term will already be nearing its end anyways. 

I honestly find myself to be a bit neutral on this whole situation because if he’s impeached, we have to deal with Pence. And if he’s not impeached, then we have to deal with him for another year or so. 

It’s basically a lose-lose situation for most Democratic liberals. However, I will continue to stay hopeful for the election next year!  

Abigail is a sophomore Mass Communication major and President of the BU Democrats.