Spooky Dorm Cookin’

Gabrielle Reyes, Features Editor

In this weeks of dorm cookin’, we are providing you with two new and special recipes. These recipes are yummy and fun ways to get creative for your Halloween gathering. 

Witches brew 


1 can of fruit punch

1 can of apple juice

1 can of cranberry juice

1 can of ginger ale

Ice cubes

Here at Bloomsburg, we are a dry campus. However, this does not mean you can enjoy yourself a nice non alcoholic drink to celebrate the holiday. This drink will be the quickest thing to whip up for you and friends. To start the recipe, you will need a big bowl to start your brew. Next add all the drinks together. Lastly, add ice to it and watch the magic happen. 

Tombstone taco salad


Pre-cooked chicken fahita strips

Roman lettuce



Pita bread 

1 can black beans

This recipe is a simple throw it together meal. Find yourself a cute halloween bowl to serve and make your dish. Microwave as the directions says for the chicken. On the first layer, place your chicken flat in your bowl. Next, add the salsa and then lettuce on top. For the last layer, spread out the guacamole smooth on top. Sprinkle in the black beans. 

Cut your pita bread into small rectangles. They do not need to be perfect as they are your tombstones for this dish. Place them on top of the dish in the way they are sticking out of it like a tombstone. Now, you are ready to enjoy your delicious and “dead” taco salad. 

If you try out these dishes, let us know! We want to know if this was successful or a flop. Maybe you even have recommendations or alterations to these recipes. Send us reviews and photos to [email protected], and you could be featured on our social media or in our print edition!