Ain’t ‘snow’ season like winter

Ed Murphy, Digital Managing Editor

I remember the day like the back of my hand. Nick Foles under center, “Shady” McCoy in the backfield, Desean Jackson and Riley Cooper on the perimeter, Brent Celek as the inline tightend and a surprise snow storm dumping seven inches on the Delaware Valley. The Philly “Snow Bowl” is one of my fondest winter memories. 

With the fall quickly coming to an end and the snowflakes falling this week got me to thinking about which season is the supreme season. 

Fall and spring are far too inconsistent temperature wise. Having to check weather every morning to see if it’s a shorts and t-shirt type of day or if I should be preparing for an arctic blast is far too much to consider in the early hours. 

So, I have settled on the conclusion that winter is the best of all seasons. However, each season has their own perks and down falls. The summer is the time I have the most freedom. The only real responsibility I have is to be at work. So, the hours after six and the weekends are mine to do what I choose. There is nothing better than a day trip down at the Jersey shore or going to some concerts at the BB&T pavilion in Camden. The only thing that can compare to this is cracking open a cold one to kick off the weekend. 

The only downfall to summer is the heat. The heat gets to a fella like me. It seems that the week of the 4th is always the hottest time of the year. And with my manual labor job I felt like I could have had a heat stroke at any point of time during the day. Hiding in a Porto-potty for some shade left a bad taste in my mouth metaphorically and literally.

The winter is just a time of wonderment to me. Having this weird white stuff from the sky and blanketing the ground will always be beautiful to me. It makes me feel like I’m living in a one of them Hallmark movies my mom always watches. 

Along with the scenic beauty there are so many winter festivities. There’s making some good, hearty crockpot meals while watching football all day and maybe even playing a game of pickup football with some buds in some of that previously aforementioned fresh powder. Then there is nothing better than going inside and warming up with a communal bottle of whiskey. 

The only thing that agitates me about winter is the end. It’s the tease that warm weather is around the corner. Those 60-70 degree days that just get you excited for those summer days just for it to drop to sub-freezing temperatures the following day. 

In the end, nearly dying on the side of the road from the heat was a determining factor that summer sucks. Winter has its downfalls like the ugly snow and dangerous road hazards, but I haven’t had any near death experiences…yet.   

Ed is a senior Art major and is the Digital Managing Editor for The Voice.