Competition heats up between off-campus housing


Patrick Halye

The Apartment Store on East Main Street.

Michelle Buyser, Staff Writer

Bloomsburg is home to numerous options for off-campus apartments and houses to choose from; there is more available housing in Bloomsburg than one would expect, and this causes heavy competition between the various apartment options in town.
Off-campus housing options commonly seen advertised around town are Lionsgate, Jag Housing, Capitol Luxury Apartments LLC, Honeysuckle Student Apartments, MV Student housing, Sunset Holding and Glenn Avenue housing. The competition for landlords to get every unit filled is tough. Every year the landlords use different ways to get students’ attention towards their housing options.
Landlords are coming up with new ways each semester to catch student’s eyes and persuade them to sign their leases. Since there is a large list of landlords in the surrounding area, the competition between them is rising.
Most landlords know this area and have been working here for 30 or more years, so they are familiar with how to keep students satisfied.
Capitol Luxury Apartments LLC try to attract students by teaming up with popular food places in Bloomsburg. Last year, they were able to give away 10 free combination meals from a local Chinese restaurant to anyone who signed their leases. This year they teamed up with a local pizza shop to give away 10 free pizzas; this is a compelling argument to hungry and broke college students.
Matt Zoppetti, the main landlord of Capitol Luxury Apartments LLC, says, “I think the most important thing is that the landlord let the students know that they respect them and value their business.”
Along Lightstreet a few weeks ago, MV Student Housing set up tents run by their tenants including an array of types of candies and sodas. Everyone who filled out a form with their contact information, how many people they live with, and if they need housing next year was given a free candy or soda of their choice and entered in a raffle to win some gift cards.
The landlord uses these sheets of paper to reach out to potential new lessees.
Some landlords don’t use these measures to attract students and just stick to the basics to get their advertisements. Sante D’Ambrosio is the landlord for Sunset Holding housing and said that he advertises his apartments on various sites on the internet, the school newspaper, and at his other locations though-out town.
In response to a question regarding landlord competition, D’Ambrosio says “I have been busy for 30 years. I have always felt if you offer students a good location with a quality property at a fair price, you will see success.”
Students typically begin looking for future housing early in the fall semester around September or October. The pressure is on to find roommates and to get first pick at housing of your choice.
A quick online search into different Bloomsburg off-campus housing options will lead you to a website for “The Apartment Store” that has a map of all the available housing around town.