Model UN gives students problem-solving experience

Jay Hoffmayer, Contributing Writer

Bloomsburg University’s Model United Nations is an organization that is run by the students for the purpose of having a student-mimicked process of how the actual United Nations behaves and works to solve problems. Bloomsburg campus involvement is slowly growing; initially an elusive and unknown club to many living on campus, the Model UN now has grown to become six times its initial size at the beginning of the semester! 

With the new amount of students involved with the club, word is starting in order to get more traction and student involvement.  Very few people knew it existed until recently. The club has been growing, and even providing benefits outside of just the club’s core values.  

Model UN President Benjamin Good explained “the club is a perfect fit for students who want to [be] involved [in] or around world politics. It also helped me with my anxiety, as I could not handle public speaking before this club, but it helped boost my confidence!”  The club is providing a great atmosphere for students to perfect their abilities and boost morale mentally during involvement! 

The Model United Nations club is certainly one of a kind, and the students involved are trying to bring it to people’s attention in case it interests other students who don’t hear about it through friends.  BU student Anna Schelct says that “The amount of people we have so far is great! I’ve already made so many new friends, [and] I recommend it to all students who have an interest in global politics!” 

Because the club operates very formally to show the inner workings of the actual UN, this gives students a unique experience that can’t be matched anywhere else! It’s extremely beneficial for everyone involved. The students involved absolutely support it and push for more students to be involved with it and join up to participate.  Faculty advisor Dr. Doerschler states: “I love the student passion for this program, and it definitely allows the students to have a place for sharing and expressing their interests, and they all enjoy the process and being around others who share those sympathies, it’s great to watch them interact with each other.”  

The Model United Nations club has something for everyone, whether that’s interest in subject matter, socializing, politics, real world discussions, etc… It’s a rising power in the club world and it should definitely be checked out by everyone.