Traveling to the ‘back’ side

Today’s topic is going to get a little graphic, so be advised. We are going to talk about butt stuff! Anal is what most of the campus either wants to try or has already tried. But there is more that goes into anal than people think. 

Anal does have its ups and downs, but when done properly it can enhance the pleasure of both parties. A big plus is that it’s pleasing for both genders. 

Just like vaginal sex, anal shouldn’t feel uncomfortable or hurt. Contrary to a vagina, the anus does not self-lubricate! Lube is a must to prevent any fissures and keeps things slippery. Of course, another must for this activity is a condom. Condoms have way too many benefits to pass up. No STD’s, additional lubrication, prevention against tears, and no messy clean up! 

They also give you the ability to remove so you can put on another and switch back to vaginal sex without transferring any bacteria that could cause infections. We all know what the butts’ function is, so keep in mind about the spread of bad bacteria. We are reiterating the importance of lubricant because bad bacteria can travel into tears. Water-based and silicon-based lubes are best because they are slick and don’t break down the condom.  No one wants a UTI.Your partner will thank you.

A good way to begin warming up the back entrance is with some finger play. I wouldn’t go full throttle right away because that won’t feel the most pleasant. Also like a vagina, the anus is a muscle that needs to relax before being penetrated by something. Foreplay is important to get everything flowing and help get those muscles relaxed.  

Along with finger play, another beginners step to anal is a butt plug. They are exactly what they sound like, they plug your butt. Remember that everyone is different and to start with a size comfortable for you. The next step is to put a generous amount of lube, then you are ready to insert the butt plug at your own pace or ask your partner to enter it for you. Silicon is a highly recommended material for a first butt plug purchase. This is because they are easy to insert and easy to clean!     

My last daring topic under this category is something lots joke about, but majority of the campus have probably experienced this sensation as well. Let’s discuss, eating the booty. If this hasn’t been done spontaneously yet, then I would recommend taking some time to prepare before this activity as well. Baby wipes are good to use after going number 2, but baby wipes also don’t taste that great. Natural pheromones are given off when turned on, so the more natural taste is surprisingly the best as long as things have proper maintenance. Of course, keep a good diet and keep a good hygenie. 

It is as simple as taking a shower and maybe shaving around the area to keep that booty smooth and clean to make everything taste as should be. An unfortunate husky I know got an intestinal parasite from performing oral down there. Sex education is so important to stay safe from these harmful infections, they get in the way of the fun! 

Be safe and smart with your choice of partners and remember to communicate and trust one another to have the best experiences you can.  Stay horny, Huskies!