Earning cash while earning a degree

A discuss on on-campus jobs

Gabrielle Reyes, Features Editor

Having an on-campus job can be beneficial to those who have the time in their schedule and needs a little extra cash in their pocket. Bloomsburg University has a ton of work study and on-campus jobs to choose from. I, myself, have this job of writing and editing for The Voice. I wanted to know what jobs on campus students felt was the best, worst, or dirtest. I asked a few students in person and also asked our followers on Instagram for their opinions. 

Scheduling can be a huge factor to consider when working when a student. Luckily, many on-campus jobs will ask you for what best works for you scheduling wise and are accomodating to your needs. Some opportunitties offered to us huskies are student ambassadors, tutoring, mailing room attendant, teacher assistants, dining jobs and so many others. Hailey Sweeney, junior, tells us her opinion of the best job on campus. Sweeney works in the athletic department as an event game staff. She told The Voice that this is the best job for her for many reasons. She decided to work in this department because she has always been a part of sports,as  an athlete and supporter. Being an event game staff, she decides which events she is able to work which helps her manage her time in academics while making a small income. Having listed all those wonderful things, this might not be the job for those who don’t like sports. 

An American Sign Language student tutor, Sammi Wade, tells The Voice about loving her job as it has guaranteed hours at the desk that ensures her a steady paycheck each week. She loves her coworkers and the flexibility with her hours. She is able to tell the office how many hours she can work without driving herself crazy between work and classes. Wade mentions that she enjoys tutoring people. This is something that others might not have the patience for. For her, however, it is the job that best fits her. 

On Instagram, some of our followers answered the questions we posted on our story. The biggest response to the question, “what is the dirtiest job on-campus” was working in commons or Starbucks. For the best job on campus, many people said being a CA, working at WALES, working in an office and being a tutor at the tutoring center. 

There really is no such thing as the best and worst job because people enjoy their work for different reasons. Those who work in a dining hall is fine with working with food while others prefer a quiet office. When you’re in college looking for some extra cash, you can find a job anywhere. Don’t be afraid to ask.