Healthy Huskies on emotional fitness

Margarete Hahn, Healthy Huskies

“I get stressed, anxious, cannot sleep and then – I lose it”. Have you heard this from a friend, a roommate or experienced it yourself?

Wouldn’t it be awesome to just touch a button to get back to being happy, serene and energized? 

As you know, there is no such button. However, there is a way to increase resilience and deal with stress and anxiety in a helpful way.  

Starting on Feb. 17, a four-week program will be offered on Monday evenings from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. in Bakeless 309. The program will be titled Resilience Skills Training, better known as R.e.S.T.

R.e.S.T. is based on the simple premise that by increasing our engagement in resiliency-building activities, we will increase our capacity to thrive. Advances in neuroscience research have established that the brain is adaptable throughout one’s lifespan. Our thoughts and actions influence brain chemistry and create new neural pathways, which in turn influence mood and behavior. With practice, the exercises performed in R.e.S.T. can help to create and strengthen neural pathways that promote well-being. R.e.S.T. can be thought of as an emotional fitness program meant to help the brain become stronger, healthier and more resilient.

The Resilience Skills training for college students was developed by Jessica S. Gifford and Bloomsburg University is excited to offer it to the campus community. 

To register for the course call Health and Wellness at 570-389-4255 or email us at [email protected].

To learn more about this workshop and other events, contact our Health and Wellness educator, Kristi Hammaker, at [email protected].