Do companies really hear your complaints?

Hailey Whittingham, BU AMA Club

In a digital era, more and more of customer feedback is shaping the companies we buy from as well as who we are as customers. Customer service is an evolving landscape where consumers have the power to shape. It should be taken advantage of by consumers. 

Think back to the last time you were shopping on Amazon. Would you be more likely to trust a product with a 5-star rating from only 6 reviews? Or would you be more likely to buy a product with a 4.5-star rating reviews from hundreds, if not thousands, of fellow customers?

Research is showing the second statement to be truer on average. In the article “The Most Effective Ways to Promote Customer Feedback” by Sarah Steiner, it was found that 82% of American adults say they at least sometimes read reviews before purchasing a product, with 40% saying they always look at ratings or reviews.

What this means to companies is that they are able to actively interact with their customers and see in real-time what their customers think and feel about their product or service. It allows the company to then directly reply. 

They could also potentially correct any negative feelings a customer may have. 

The importance of this from a consumer standpoint is that as a consumer, we have more power now than we ever have. 

We have the power to make companies change for the better because companies are recognizing more of what we ask and that we as consumers want an authentic and trustworthy brand. We are all consumers in the end, so we should have a voice and a say as to how our products are offered to us. 

Consumers are the reason large companies like Amazon are thriving so go out, share your voice and have it heard. 

Hailey is a senior Marketing major and Professional Development Chair of the BU AMA Club.