Hydration for an intimate sitatuion

The question we are going to crack today is, “Why am I not getting wet?” I am positive if you’re sexually active, then you’ve ran into this problem at least once. If you have run into this problem, I’m sure you are also wondering, “what is wrong with me?” To answer the second question right away, there is nothing wrong with you. There are multiple factors that can play a part in this dilemma. 

The first answer to this question is obvious, you are not attracted to who you’re having sex with. Attraction is key and the first step to having sex! Let’s say you really like the person you are sleeping with, but something feels off or missing, it could be attraction. 

It is very possible to be in a relationship with someone and not feel attracted to them. Or if you’re not in a relationship and this is a one-night stand or casual hook up, don’t continue to put yourself in that vulnerable position if the attraction isn’t there. Not being attracted to someone is nothing to be ashamed of, it is your bodies personal preference. 

The next answer is the most common reasoning to why you’re not wet and that is because there was not enough foreplay. I could scream about how important foreplay is in sex. 

Sex is not a hammer and nail ordeal, you don’t just slam “it” in. Foreplay should be sensual and can be as simple as just kissing, move up to teasing, to get the juices flowing. Do whatever feels right in the moment. Talk to your partner and tell them you need more foreplay. Also, do not let someone put you down for not getting wet. Your partner is the one not doing what they’re supposed to be doing to pleasure you correctly.  Communicate!

One thing us horny huskies feel a lot here at college is stress. Lots and lots of stress. If you’re attracted to your partner and foreplay is given, then maybe you just have a lot on your mind that is preventing you from getting wet. 

It is okay if you are not “soaking wet” every time you have sex because stress is an almost everyday feeling in life. When you’re stressed and are thinking about a million things per minute, your mind is being blocked to becoming aroused. It is basically like “cock-blocking” yourself. It is a good thing that sex is also a stress reliever, if you can get your mind calm beforehand. 

The last possibility is probably because you are under the influence of something. Whether it be drinking alcohol or smoking some marijuana, both these substances cause dehydration. 

Being dehydrated is self-explanatory when it comes to not getting wet. Being wet is a form of arousal and is your bodies way of self-lubricating. Being high or drunk can also lead to a mental block and get in the way of feeling aroused. High sex and drunk sex have their benefits and can even lead to more sensual or more bold sex experiences. Just make sure you are staying hydrated and relaxed horny huskies!