Ann Wolfe, Staff Writer

Bloomsburg University mass communications senior, Michael Lamberti, is set to make a short film based off the Stephen King short story All That You Love Will be Carried Away 

“While I was studying abroad in London, I found out that Stephen King gives rights to his short stories for only one dollar. I ended up applying and had to sign a contract that gave me the rights for up to one year.” Lamberti stated in an interview. 

Lamberti is both screenwriting, producing, and directing this short film while also keeping up with an 18-credit academic schedule.  

The short film’s casts consist of BU alumni and theater students. According to Lamberti, the biggest struggle with this production is time management and scheduling with his actors as well as crew.   

Michael Innamorato, a mass communications student and the production assistant of this project, states, “One of the most exciting things to be working on with this is that usually I’m the one directing and writing, so following the lead of someone else with a story written by one of the greats is a mind-boggling and humbling experience.” 

Filming will be a three-day process set to start in late March. Students can view the upcoming short film on YouTube in April or May. 

In an interview, Lamberti stated that the most consistent struggle with making a film overall is money. 

An Indiegogo page was started back in October of 2019. The film’s Indiegogo backers had raised $290 out of the original $500 goal in order to kickstart production. Perks included thank you cards, early access to a behindthescenes documentary and getting your name in the credits. Perks were between $5 to $30.  

King’s short story, originally posted to The New Yorker in 2001, tells the story about a salesman’s contemplation of suicide.  

“I thought it would be an important topic to talk about, especially right now,” Lamberti stated, “I wanted to tell a story about mental illness and the awareness of suicide.” 

Another project Lamberti is working on is a documentary for BU Now titled A Fresh Perspective. The documentary is based around people who deal with challenging lifestyles involving careers, hobbies, and interests.  

Privacy is insured to any students who wants to be a part of the documentary but also wants to stay anonymous.  

Anyone who is interested in this project or has questions should contact Michael Lamberti at [email protected]