Practicing safe (and fun!) sex while in quarantine

It is an unfortunate situation we are all in. COVID-19 has taken over the world. With this less than ideal new way of living, we need to cope with new living arrangements and rules for our daily lives. Sex during a pandemic is a big topic everyone needs to be aware of. It is advised to not seek out new partners or have your partner who doesn’t live with you come over for sex, or even come over at all! Some states are experiencing worse conditions than others, and as a resident of New York, I had to change my life completely in terms of my romantic escapades.

My boyfriend and I live approximately a two minutes walking distance away from each other, living only one street apart. It is very difficult knowing he is so close, yet we can’t be together. We have seen each other from a distance, but as humans, innate social creatures, it’s a struggle. Neither of us has the virus, which makes it tempting to see one another, but it’s important to maintain distances with anyone. New York State health department has published a guidance sheet in which it describes sex activities during this COVID-19 season of life. It has stated that the virus can spread through feces, and it is not yet found to be spread through vaginal fluid or semen. It also states that the safest sex partner is yourself. This means you should stick to snuggling up in your favorite, private spot of the house, as masturbation is the safest activity. If you are using a sex toy, it is advised to clean your item as usual. If you decide to watch porn, please clean your phone or electronic afterwards to ensure no spread.

The guidance sheet goes on to say that the next safest partner is one who lives with you. You do not want to spread the virus by interacting with new partners. While no one can tell you what to do with your body, it is recommended to limit your sexual partners who are outside of the household. Consider sticking with texts or video dates if you typically meet people online.

All of these are options for those who are doing well and are healthy. If your partner is feeling sick or has symptoms, please try to avoid sex. Kissing is the easiest way to catch the virus if they possess it. Again, no one is telling you how to live your life! You are an adult with options, but it is up to you to make the smartest decisions in order to promote health and safety for yourself and others. Be safe and stay horny, huskies.

If you wish to read the article by NYC health, follow this link: