Coronavirus Implications for the Class of 2024

Anna Watson, Contributing Writer

BLOOMSBURG‒ With Bloomsburg University in addition to all universities throughout the country closed for the remainder of the Spring semester, many student decision days for the incoming Class of 2024 were cancelled, in order to prevent the spreading of the Coronavirus even more. Nonetheless, this has caused even more stress and confusion to several high school seniors who have yet to commit to college. 

According to Tom McGuire, B.U. director of media relations, Bloomsburg University has taken the necessary steps to provide for their potential students stating, “We understand getting to know us and our campus is an important part of the college search process for prospective students and their families/supporters…” “Prospective students can take a Virtual Tour of our campus, connect directly with our admissions counselors, attend live daily info sessions via Zoom, connect with us via social media, experience Husky Life through the eyes of current students on Campus Reel and more.”

On another note, high school seniors were asked to give their thoughts on this unexpected situation, explaining how COVID-19 has affected their opportunities on Campus. Angelina Toole, a prospective student of Bloomsburg expressed, “The busyness of daily life may have slowed dramatically, but decision day seems to be coming up faster than ever. Because I cannot go on any official tours, my decision will be shaped by which schools offer the most online resources for me to know what their university is like.”

Similarly, another senior student Mary Watson gave her insights as well, stating, “Coronavirus didn’t particularly affect my college decision, because I was committed before COVID-19 hit. But I was supposed to go to accepted students day, which got cancelled. I was upset because I wanted to see campus again, and meet my roommate in person.” 

From these quotes, it is evident that COVID-19 has made an impact on thousands of high school seniors, and also conflicted universities about the other options they can offer, with the intention of recruiting future students.