The Future of The Voice

Steven Valanoski, Reporter

Change–with so much of the world today changing, either from a pandemic or social reform, the world is changing. With that change, our voice will change as well. With new appointments to the staff as well as a new approach to social media, The Voice will surely be something spectacular this upcoming year. Co-editor Sarah Erie and Co-editor Cameron Heilman, both Media and Journalism majors, see exciting changes for The Voice this year.

One of the changes that is being implemented more is the use of social media. So much of our daily lives is intertwined with social media, it is only logical that we move in that direction with news as well. By structuring the papers media platform, more students will be able to see the content being put out. Then, by having more of a social media presence, the students will be able to interact with the paper more, which would allow better feedback and better-quality news. With these new changes, communication is of vast importance to the paper. Sarah Erie, Co-editor, believes “by improving communication between staff, the paper will be able to put out stories much faster.”

With so much news coming from social medial platforms, it only stands to reason that The Voice will have a greater presence through social media platforms. Cameron Heilman, Co-editor, believes by having that presence, that it will only benefit the brand. Cameron also believes in “expanding the new stories so that not only the students, but the local community has access to the news stories as well.” Another aspect that warrants attention is the video coverage of student events. These new and expanding changes coming to The Voice this year show that the editors want to cover real stories and show growth to an already great paper.