Fight Night

Steven Valanoski, Reporter

The first Presidential debate is over. What a debate it was. This might have been one of the most heated debates in recent memory. We have another four more debates to go, and by the look of things, we have more trash talk to deal with. 

We all knew this would be a toxic debate from the get-go, but I do not think anyone expected it to get as bad as it did. Things became so heated that moderator Chris Wallace raised his voice to both candidates to not speak over each other.

Both parties agreed to allow the other two minutes to speak and respond to the other when allowed, but as the moderator pointed out,

“Mister President, you seem to be interrupting him more, sir.”

(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)


We knew the topics of the virus would come up, and the recent bombshell tax return report would also come up. The President seemed on the attack from the very second, the green light lit up, and we began.

Trump seemed to be abrasive, angry and disgruntled with being pressed about his handling of the pandemic. Trump displayed similar behavior when the inevitable topic of his tax returns came up.

The recent report from the New York Times details that the President had only paid up to $750 in federal taxes the first year of his presidency. Vice President Biden made sure the President that the American people watching at home knew. 

Vice President Joe Biden knew who he was debating from the start. Joe Biden knew he had to show the American people that there was an alternative. The focus then for Joe Biden was to make it clear to the American people that he was different than the President.

Biden had to let the people watching that everything in the country is not so great as the President would like people to believe. Joe Biden tried to go over his positions on climate change, law and order, and the economy. Still, the more he tried to speak about what he is for, the more the President argued and tried to talk over Biden, as well as talking over the moderator himself!

Both candidates are not perfect. No one can ever claim that the person whom they are choosing to vote for is the ideal person for the job. This debate was a food fight, and lunchtime is far from over.