Hypnotized by Trump

Abigail Prichett, Assistant Growl Editor

Wikimedia Commons (Daniel Oines)

Trump supporters: a cult-like base of conservatively minded people who need everyone to know that they absolutely adore Trump. During these past few months, I’ve seen an uptick in rusted pick-up trucks with Trump flags waving off the back, often tied in with a Confederate flag. I’ve seen houses with Trump billboards, inflatables, banners, and signs. So, my question is, why do Trump supporters feel the need to be so flashy?

My personal answer to this question is that they’re absolutely hypnotized by his rhetoric. No matter what Trump says or does, his followers will vote for him. Like he said, he could go out into the street and shoot someone, and they’d still vote for him. And he wasn’t wrong.

And because they love him so much, they feel the need to express this through Trump paraphernalia. The thing is, I haven’t seen Biden supporters doing anywhere near as much. Of course, I’ve seen a few Biden flags and signs around town, but nothing in comparison to the other side.

Many Trump supporters that I’ve seen and/or encountered tend to be very, very aggressive. They try to instigate you over nothing and always want to argue. I have a Biden sticker along with a few other “liberal” ones on my bumper and I’ve noticed people being overly-aggressive on the road with me. And even though I can’t confirm this, I’m pretty sure it’s the stickers.

Trumpers constantly preach about their freedoms, but when they don’t agree with someone else, that goes out the window. They have their rallies and their marches, but when Black Lives Matter (BLM) or an LGBT group wants to march, suddenly that’s not okay with them?

Trump supporters have repeatedly bothered people at Black Lives Matter marches and when they get called out for it, they play the victim. Hell, a guy went and shot and killed two people at one of these events and Trumpers sided with him.

You just can’t win!

Trump’s hateful rhetoric has lit an aggressive spark among many people, and it’s honestly for the worse. I may not be the biggest Biden supporter, but at least he speaks with poise and knows how to talk when it’s his turn.

In these times, our country needs to be united, not divided. If Trump is re-elected in a few weeks, our country is going to continue to be the laughingstock of the world. I firmly believe that our future is in danger of being altered negatively.

In all honesty, we need a president who isn’t a white old man. But sadly, both of our main candidates fall into that category. Regardless, remember to think of your future when you vote, whether it be in person or through a mail-in ballot. The future is in your hands!