This is The Way

Steven Valanoski, Reporter

Friday, Oct. 30, the surprise hit show from 2019, known as The Mandalorian, returned for its second installment. If you have been waiting long for this show to premiere its new season, you will not be disappointed; possible spoilers ahead.

Many fans wondered if the show would deviate from its usual format, and luckily, it does not. It feels like it has not even been a year since the show premiered. The show sticks with the same type of format storytelling with each episode.

For fans who felt like the Star Wars prequel trilogy was a letdown (that is me), this feels like what Star Wars should be in today’s day and age. It is fast-

paced, great action, and the character development continues almost as if it has only been a few weeks since season 1 ended.

The first episode then plays just like episodes from season one. We get Mando back doing his usual thing, displaying quick attack precision upon multiple foes, all while Baby Yoda hides away in his floating bowl of a crib.

That is right, the meme sensation known as Baby Yoda is back, but sadly, we do not get any force powers on display yet. Do not worry; we got a whole season to see him save Mando possibly.

The episode finds Mando searching on Tatooine for his people, the Mandalorian. He is hoping they will help him, as he is tasked with returning Baby Yoda to his kind. That will be the main plot of season two.

Mando finds his kind, but not exactly. He stumbles upon a problem in a small town and a sheriff (played by Timothy Olyphant) wearing familiar armor that any Star Wars fan will know immediately.

Mando helps the town and the sheriff with an enormous creature terrorizing the town and those living in the desert, the inhabitants known as Sand People. By assisting the small village, Mando will get the armor that the sheriff is wearing. It is an uncomplicated episode, yet action-packed.

It is meant to remind fans of what’s in store and what they are accustomed to seeing from the first season. There are one or two cameos in this episode, and any movie buff will know when they see them (or hear them).

Overall, it is a return to form for the hit Star Wars series. It will appease fans of the series, especially those fans who cannot get enough of the cuteness that is Baby Yoda.

In contrast, we didn’t get to see what happened to Mando’s friends from the season one finale, which for sure will be seen later in the season. Who was that man watching Mando ride away in the distance?? He looked like a familiar bounty hunter.