BloomU Wrestling Facing Heavy Setbacks

Matthew Poust

The administrative vote to start the Huskies wrestling season has been postponed and will now take place this coming Wednesday, November 18th. This delay, in approval to allow the athletes to start their season, has added to an ongoing halt in an activity that has denied the team any in-person or official team practices. The team’s Head Coach, Marcus Gordon, explained that despite the team being in the division I MAC conference; the university’s athletic status falls primarily under the division II PSAC conference, which requires a presidential vote of approval before a team can start their season. Coach Gordon explained that the setback in approval has further prolonged a season that would normally start November 1st, and that the team is unable to hold any sort of official practice without it.

Although no official decision has been given yet, a late start to the college wrestling season is expected to take place on January 1st and will run to the normal end time March 18th. Coach Gordon shared that the President of the MAC conference has allowed for out of conference competition in the upcoming season; however, the season’s late start paired with a new regulation that permits only one contest a week will make out of conference competition unlikely. Gordon also mentioned that every team member is being tested for Covid-19 three times a week and that when they do compete other teams will have to follow the same testing guidelines.

When asked how he was keeping his team focused and motivated through these uncertain times, Coach Gordon replied, “Academics is a big thing.” He further elaborated explaining that being dedicated and motivated for wrestling is a part of these athletes’ nature and that he wants to keep the rest of their focus on the right things. Bloomsburg’s wrestling team ended at a lofty 23rd place among other Division I teams last year with two academic All-Americans. Gordon explained, “People think these athletes have trouble focusing on academics during the season, but that’s when I push things the hardest, a strict schedule leaves less time to worry about things.”

Coach Gordon noted that after the decision of approval now held for this Wednesday, November 18th, he will have more certainty on how the huskies will go about their season.

Members of The Voice will be providing more updates on the upcoming winter sports seasons over the next few weeks. Stay tuned.