Local Woman with Special Needs Missing

Olivia Minzola, Senior Reporter

A local woman has been reported as missing to the Bloomsburg Police Department.

Via PA State Police Twitter

26-year-old Erica Shultz has not been seen or heard from since 8 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 4. Her sister, Emily Corbin, spoke with her on the phone that night. Corbin became suspicious of Shultz’s whereabouts when Shultz did not answer her phone the following day.

Shultz’s family grew worried and went to her apartment to investigate. There, they found her coat, medications, and cat. Missing was her purse, cellphone, and Shultz herself.

Once Shultz did not show up for her shift at work or her classes at Luzerne County Community College, her family reported her missing to the police.

Shultz is both autistic and diabetic and has been without her medications for days. Her family fears for her safety and believes that she may be in immediate danger.

“She thinks everybody is her friend. She doesn’t think about danger,” said Corbin.

Many are searching for Shultz, including state and local police and a county social worker. A flyer has also begun circulating online describing the incident, Shultz’s last known location, and her physical appearance.

Anyone with information regarding Shultz is asked to contact police either by dialing 911 or 570-317-2846 or Ms. Corbin at 570-336-3204.