Justin Hummel, Owner of The Study Bar Talks Mayoral Bid

Mayoral candidate Justin Hummel
PHOTO: Bloomsburgpa.org

Mayoral candidate Justin Hummel PHOTO: Bloomsburgpa.org

Kali Morgia, News Reporter

Justin Hummel of Bloomsburg, PA, and owner of the bar “The Study” on Main Street, is running for mayor of Bloomsburg, PA.

“I wanted to run for mayor because I think that I can be doing more to serve our community,” said Hummel about his run for office.

“I love Bloomsburg and want to see our town thrive in the near future. Many things are the way they are around here because that’s just always the way we have done it, and I think I offer some fresh perspective and ideas.”

The Study is a beloved town treasure, which opened in September of 2018 on Main Street. Still, it has since limited its hours due to COVID restrictions. When asked about how owning The Study had taught him the success he can utilize in the running for office, he said,

“Being in the service industry my whole life has offered the opportunity to develop good people skills, adapt to change quickly, and have empathy for people from a wide range of backgrounds. Bloomsburg is made up of many different types of residents with varying needs and desires. I would like to lead in a way that respects all groups.”

Hummel’s previously served on the Public Works and Environment Committee for Bloomsburg. When asked about his policies for mayor, he said that his previous chair work didn’t significantly influence him; instead, he cited that,

“By the attitude that high tide raises all ships. When the people of Bloomsburg work together, we do some amazing things. This town is a great place to live, and I want to make it even better by working with ambitious people and organizations to get things done.”

Also, as mayor, he said he wants to,

“Work to see the vacant lots developed on Main Street, more festivals, and community events all over town. Then work to make all of our departments more efficient and technologically advanced.”