BU Students Living with Mold

Lenna Kidd

The weather fluctuation is bringing some issues for students and faculty at BU. There has been talk around campus about mold in the dorms, specifically, Lycoming.

No one can pinpoint how the mold started. There is talk that it may have originated from the refrigerators and microwaves not being cleaned properly at the beginning of the semester. What we do know is that the increasing humidity has not been a helping hand. The weather shift has caused the mold to spread; and fast. This problem has not just affected on campus students but off-campus students as well.

Lycoming had an overwhelming rate of students stating how damp the dorms were. Students communicate about bath towels not drying and feeling damp while lying in their beds. All this being said, students are reaping the repercussions of these living conditions. Many students living in Lycoming have fallen ill with sicknesses respiratory related.

Students are being left in the dark. Bloomsburg University has not made any comments to students who are being forced to live in these conditions.

Cameron Gatto, a criminal justice major living in Lycoming says, “From what I’m told by BU, is that there is no mold. But there’s a consensus that everyone thinks there is mold.”

Disregarding his personal feelings towards the blind-side, Cameron continues, “It’s frustrating. It’s kind of gross and I wish they would do something about it”. Cameron is not the only one.

Many students reported how they feel being left in the dark by the University. They are ultimately the ones paying the money to live in dorms that are potentially dangerous for them to reside in.

Bloomsburg has been made aware of the situation and will be having an open meeting tomorrow evening regarding the mold. They claim they have done air samples and results are coming back negative towards an alarming amount of mold inside dorm halls. There are meetings open this coming Monday and Tuesday where students will be asking questions about the results as well as anything else concerning mold.

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