Feb. 15 Front Page Print Edition Mishaps

Matthew Poust, Managing Editor

Attention Bloomsburg faculty, students, and staff – you may have noticed some obvious issues with the front page of today’s (Feb. 15) print edition – typos, odd spaces, faulty headlines, etc. 

We would like to apologize on behalf of this, as it is our job to ensure that these types of mistakes are not made. 

Editing and design additions were going as planned until we ran into some last-minute problems that severed our connection with the server on which our pages were stored.

Not having access to these pages meant we had to start from scratch – leaving us limited time to work, as our printer and its press operators were waiting on the edition’s arrival. We completed the pages to the best of our ability – but unfortunately, some errors slipped through the cracks. 

Members of The Voice are devoted to producing a proficient print edition for all BU members to read, and we will do our best to make sure these mistakes are not made again. We will work tirelessly from this point forward to produce quality, error-free print editions for you to read every other week.