Big Event is Back!

Montana Farner, News Editor

Bloomsburg’s Community Government Association is hosting the annual Big Event on April 2nd.

“The Big Event is a student run community service event at Bloomsburg University that gives our students the opportunity to help and assist businesses and residents of the Town of Bloomsburg and its surrounding communities,” said CGA’s Instagram account.

This will be the first Big Event in three years that students will be going back into the community to give back.

In 2020, Big Event was completely cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic.

In 2021, Big Event was able to happen, with a few changes in comparison to previous years. Clubs and organizations teamed up to assemble gift boxes filled with donated items to send to the Bloomsburg community.

The last real Big Event took place in 2019. With over 2,000 student volunteers, 225 job sites were tackled. Volunteers took care of chores such raking, gardening, mulching, removing debris, digging, and various spring-cleaning duties, according the Big Event page.

The idea behind this event is to “say ‘thank you’ to the residents of Bloomsburg, and show appreciation for the community they live, learn, and work in. CGA works hard each year to ensure that the largest student-run community service project on campus continues to grow each year,” the web page read.

Tri Sig member Maura Sullivan was on of those 2,000 students to participate in the 2019 Big Event.

“I would say my biggest take away from participating in The Big Event my freshman year would have to be that real families live in the town of Bloomsburg along with college students, so it’s very important to keep our area clean and to be respectful to them. I remember when I went home being like, ‘wow real families live here and not just people my age.’ It was a very eye-opening experience.

“It is an amazing way for clubs and organizations to come together to give back to the community of Bloomsburg, and I’m so excited that Big Event is back this year!” Sullivan said.