Move- In Day, COVID-19 Edition

Melanie Aikins, Howl Editor

Move in day is scheduled to be back to normal in Fall, 2022. This is an interview with a current HOWL and mentor; she provides insight on the move in process under COVID-19 regulations.

Haley Shimko is an honors psychology student here at Bloomsburg University. On top of her many duties, she also is a mentor. Helping move-in day go smoothly, HOWLS are also present at many other events Bloomsburg provides to its students.

Mentors are to arrive at move in between 7-8 am. Shimko recalls it as a positive experience, despite the early morning arrival.

“It’s early, but we are greeted at the door with hot cocoa and donuts from Dunkin Donuts. It is required to be in high spirit, so we talk and dance to music while waiting for the students.

Student arrival starts at 8 am. Different mentors are assigned to different dormitories for allotted amounts of times. When a car arrives, the mentors wheel out a bin to greet the student and supporters at their vehicle. Important information the student helpers are looking for is, room number and a blue card to verify the student has tested negative for COVID-19. While the student is checking in with the CA’s, the mentors bring their belongings to the appropriate dorm room.

All students and loved ones are required to mask up when arriving at their living quarters. All Howls and Mentors are also equipped with masks and gloves, so no direct contact is made. Large, mobile bins are sanitized then given to staff to minimize the amount of labor provided. Constant handwashing and mask changing are implemented throughout the day.

When asked about the typical problems that arrive during move in hours, Shimko brings up a topic that all students and faculty are concerned about.

“Most concerns this year were about whether or not we’re going to transition back to person or stay fully virtual. We all received the email about first week online but have no idea where the positive cases stand.” Shimko states.

After assisting the assigned dormitories, move in day wraps up at around 4 o’clock. Howls and Mentors can return to their offices or living quarters at this time. A week of these early mornings are needed per semester. Student helpers are abundantly helpful and attentive to all students. Wrapping up the move in day process, Shimko shares,

“The best part about being involved in this is being able to be the first face these students see in the morning. Having the answers to all their questions and concerns is a close second. A con is being at risk of contracting the virus and putting my health at risk. I am sure to double mask, other mentors and I also sanitize consistently throughout the day.”

These student leaders are available throughout the calendar school year as well. For more information visit; First Year Experience: Husky Orientation & Welcome Leader Contract (

Haley and many other contributors will be back to ensure 2022s move in goes as smoothly as possible.