Bloomsburg Equestrian Team To Host Intercollegiate Horse Show

Anna Watson, Editor-In-Chief

Bloomsburg Equestrian Team. Photo: Luna Alexander Photography

The Bloomsburg University Equestrian Team’s (B.U.E.T.) competition season has begun, and will host their annual Intercollegiate Horse Show Association on October 16th. The event will take place at Ridge Road Stables, a ten minute drive from Bloomsburg’s campus. 

B.U.E.T. was founded in 1994, and provided horse-loving students to come together in community and ride, no matter their level of experience. Team members’ abilities range from beginner, to more accomplished equestrians who have ridden for most of their lives. Members can choose whether they would like to simply train with the horses, or compete at a higher level against other colleges. 

Photo: Krissy Jones

B.U.E.T. has both English and Western teams, with individual coaches and show schedules for each. English riding works on flatwork and jumping, while Western riding focuses on rail work, ranch riding, and reining. 

Bloomsburg student Krissy Jones is a Criminal Justice major, and has been a member of BUET for three semesters. 

She stated, “A lot of the team members were really sweet. I was immediately drawn in because of how nice they were and the comradery was there.” 

Jones also spoke about her relationship with the horses. She explained that there are some horses who have a loving personality and are willing to put in the extra work during a lesson. 

Jones came to Bloomsburg as a transfer student and longed for a community who shared a common interest as her. She has ridden horses before, but has never competed. This semester is her first time competing. 

Jones also explained how therapeutic riding horses is, and how it has a positive impact on her mental health. Each lesson is over an hour, which allows her to step away from reality.  

“You clear your mental calendar, you’re focused on the horses…so for your mental health, it’s wonderful.” 

Members of the Bloomsburg Equestrian Team will participate in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association on October 16, beginning around 9 am at Ridge Road Stables.