Career Tip

Department of Alumni and Professional Engagement, Contributing Writer

The Huskies LEAD Program at Bloomsburg University is one of the most unique and beneficial experiences for any student in any major, of any class year.

The Alumni and Professional Engagement Department, located in the Greenly Center downtown, is responsible for connecting the Professional U career community of faculty/staff, students, alumni and employers. Huskies LEAD is just one way in which students can be part of that connection. They gain insight and hands-on practice to develop their own leadership style in the company of their peers, and with the help and guidance of the BU Alumni Association Board of Directors.

The program is divided into Level 1 and Level 2 engaging and interactive training events where students have the opportunity to explore their personal values. Not only do students learn about themselves and their own tendencies, but about those of their fellow students as well – a unique combination that provides students with the emotional intelligence necessary to become a truly great leader.

Level 1: Use Your Values to Lead includes events that allow students to sharpen their own personal leadership lens. Topics include learning about yourself and others, building leadership confidence, effective decision making, networking and engaging others, and more.

Level 2: LEAD Like You… Only Better empowers students to build their own distinct brand of leadership and learn how to effectively work with others. This series of e-workshops touch focus on leadership vision, alignment, and execution, and how to build one’s unique leadership profile.

If personal and professional confidence isn’t enough, there is a celebration to honor every student’s exceptional effort, and, if you fully complete all activities in Level 1 and Level 2, a Citizenship GEP is checked off your requirements – putting you one step closer to graduation. To accommodate students’ busy schedules, most events are held throughout October and November to  avoid consuming too much time on your calendar.

Overall, the Huskies LEAD Program exposes students who are considering leadership roles to important aspects of personal and professional success and builds confidence by guiding students outside their comfort zone in expressing their true selves. Finish this semester feeling self-assured and optimistic through Huskies LEAD! We hope you’ll  join us on this inspiring journey.

Be bold. Be brave. Be real. BU!


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