Update on Starbucks and Roongo’s Cafe Hours


Caleb Brown, Staff Reporter

The dining facilities here on campus are one of the most important factors for a student. They are a place to socialize, a place for nourishment, and a place that, above all, helps boost the morale of a student. However, times have been tough here on-campus. We have seen many locations here on campus close down. The most well-known being that of Roongo’s Cafe and the Starbucks in the Scranton Commons. 

The hours of these have been a significant point of confusion here on campus. The Scranton Commons Starbucks had already stated that it would stop operating on weekdays earlier in the semester. Instead, they were only opening during the weekend. Meanwhile, the sister location in Andruss is only open during the weekdays. John Schneers, the Marketing Manager of Aramark, was reached out to. Regarding the hours of Starbucks, they had this to say: “Our Starbucks team shifts to the library during the week to be closer to the academic side of campus, and is in the Commons on the weekend to be closest to the residence halls when students don’t have classes.”

They are working on hiring more employees to bring the Commons Starbucks back to full operation. However, no update on the time frame could be given. Operating hours are still to remain the same with the Andruss location being open 8am to 5pm on Monday through Friday and the Commons location from 11am to 8pm on Saturday through Sunday.

Roongo’s Cafe meanwhile, has been temporarily closed with no service hours. Scheers was asked about this as well stating that “Roongo’s Cafe is temporarily closed to more adequately staff our most popular campus food court, Husky Lounge.” They could not give any specifics as to when Roongo’s could reopen but stated “we are focused on expanding our hours in these locations as soon as we possibly can.” They went into some of the factors that go into decisions like these including food and service safety, overall guest experience, and the safety and well being of staff. They also did mention efforts were being made to recruit more workers for Roongo’s. 

So for the time being, Roongo’s Cafe will not have any operating hours anytime soon. Meanwhile, the two Starbucks will continue their operating hours for the time being. You can see future updates over on the University Dining Instagram [@bloomsburguniversitydining]