Josh Shapiro Campaign lands on Bloomsburg’s Steps

Carver Hall hosts Democratic governor candidates Shapiro and Davis

Novalea Verno, Staff Writer

On Nov. 3 students, staff, and community members gathered on the steps of Carver Hall. Many of them were holding “Vote for Josh” signs and hosting impromptu photoshoots with them. Others were sporting pins and t-shirts showing off the same slogan. The sounds of Fleetwood Mac and Queen filled the air of the normally quiet street. Students coming from class continuously poured into the already crowded steps of Carver joining in on the throng of celebrators. The reason for being there? Josh Shapiro and Austin Davis, the democratic duo running for governor and lieutenant governor respectively, made a stop on their campaign tour at Bloomsburg.

The rally was open to both the students and the public. Many students joined the event excited to meet a political official face-to-face.

“I’m just so glad he came to spread his message,” said student Emmalynn Diehl.

Other students were happy to see a candidate take the time to visit small-town America.

“I think [coming to Bloomsburg] shows support for the students, especially [with] a more rural campus like this. I think it’s showing that [Shapiro] isn’t just solely focused on urban centers like Scranton, Philly, Pittsburgh, etc,” said student Jared Garrison.

Locals shared similar thoughts about the importance of political leaders familiarizing themselves with towns like Bloomsburg.

“I think it’s important for all of the officials to come to small communities to get their word out…. I think it’s important to see people face to face,” said local Mary Clapp.

The event kicked off with Davis giving an opening speech, delivering to the crowd numerous promises about what his time as lieutenant governor would entail. He promised to be a strong partner to Shaprio and advocate for working-class families. Davis shared his own experience as the son of working-class parents. His speech discussed the importance of diversity in government, highlighting the fact that if elected he would be the first African-American in this position. He promised voters that he and Shapiro “are fighting for the future.”

Davis also made remarks in his speech against Doug Mastriano, the republican candidate in the governor race. Davis specifically spoke out against Mastriano’s pro-life stance saying that “our basic fundamental rights are on the line.”

Following his speech, Shapiro took the stage. In his speech, he addressed the policies he plans on putting in place as governor including fully funding public education, removing standardized testing from curriculums, prioritizing mental health advocacy in schools, implementing gun control laws, raising the minimum wage to $15, creating green energy jobs in PA and investing in unions. He also promised the crowd that on his first day as governor he would “do away” with the college requirement for state government jobs to open up the “door of opportunity” to more individuals. He also promised voters that he would represent them regardless of minor differences that threaten to divide us.

“No matter what you look like, where you come from, who you love, or who you pray to I want to be your governor,” said Shapiro.

Following his partner, Shapiro also made reference to Mastriano calling him “uniquely dangerous and unbelievably extreme.” He shared with the crowd that Mastriano was present at the attack at the United States Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

He finished his speech urging voters using mail-in ballots to not wait and send their votes in and for in-person voters to have a plan for when they will vote.

“I promise, if you lend your voice, if you use your energy, if you rise up and stand up and speak up and get this done, then Austin Davis and I will work our asses off for you for the next four years,” said Shapiro in parting.

After the rally, attendees gathered to sign Josh Shapiro’s bus. (Novalea Verno)