Update from BU Dining Services Leaves Students in Suspense

Caleb Brown, Staff Writer

On Saturday, January 21st, students received an email regarding an update as to the dining hours of several on-campus locations. Many students await what comes next. Most notably, Roongo’s Cafe which had been closed since last semester in addition to the alternating hours between the Starbucks locations at the Andruss Library and the Scranton Commons. The coffee shops previously operated on an alternating schedule with the Scranton Commons Location only on weekends whilst the Andruss Location remained open during the weekday. 

In the email, the dining hours of several, popular spots were addressed. Roongo’s Cafe, a hotspot on campus due to its convenient location on the quad, will be open for the Spring Semester. Starting January 23rd, the eatery will be open Monday through Friday from 8am to 3pm. However, it was noted within the email that they will be working with a condensed menu as they work to regain standard staffing levels. 

The Starbucks in the Scranton Commons sadly will not be reopening this semester. Leaving only the Starbucks in the Andruss Library which shall be operating from Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm. The email would go on address the empty space the Commons Starbucks would leave. 

The email stated: “We have some exciting news to share in the coming weeks about a new dining concept that will open in that space.” The email says that more news about this “new concept” will be shared later during the Spring semester. The final update given in the email was about the Scranton Commons. The update went on to say that dining services will be offering the Chef Connection Station every Thursday from 11am to 2pm.