Climate, club, and change, oh my!


Colleen Jetter

Students involved in CCL have been able to speak with local representatives over zoom about climate-related issues. (Colleen Jetter)

Novalea Verno, Staff Writer

Bloomsburg University is home to many organizations with a wide range of focuses. One organization on campus has taken on the challenge of creating dialogue about the climate crisis- Citizens Climate Lobby.

CCL is a worldwide organization that was founded in 2007. It is a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization that focuses on spreading awareness of climate change and the importance of national policies and legislation in the fight against it.

Bloomsburg has two chapters, one located within the university and the other in the town. Both of these chapters are run by Dr. Eric Miller, a professor at Bloomsburg University.

The Bloomsburg University chapter has been on campus for several years but was temporarily shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Last year we began trying to revive the club on campus and get it back to where it was before [COVID-19],” said Colleen Jetter, a junior political science major and president of the university chapter.

Jetter believes that a small commitment to this club will have a ripple effect on the climate crisis.

“It is a great way to get involved in something that deals with the bigger picture and [be] able to create change. Climate change is something that continually will affect us all, as we are the cause of it. We should take the time to try and do whatever we can to make a difference,” said Jetter.

The club meets one to two times a month. Each meeting consists of a time for students to talk about new legislative initiatives as well as how students can help address the climate issue on a local level.

“I joined because I care about the climate and want to spread awareness. Climate change affects everyone and it’s a great way to be involved,” said junior Olivia Riek, the secretary for CCL.

To get connected to the Bloomsburg chapter, students are encouraged to contact Jetter at [email protected] or Eric Miller for more information about meetings.