Tim Plisiewicz, BU Alumni Turned Local Brewer


Tim Plisiewicz pouring beer on tap at Turkey Hill Brewing Company. Photo by Carly Busfield.

Carly Busfield, Howl Editor

When graduates enter the job market after college, they hope and dream that they will not hate their jobs. Tim Plisiewicz, a local Head Brewer at The Turkey Hill Brewing Company, loves his work thanks to his Bloomsburg University education.  

It’s a fantasy to start to the fresh aroma of grains, hops, and craft beer, especially when you’re the one who produces it. “Hops, [or] something not overly citrus, but more of a pine needle smell” are notable aromas that “bring the outdoors and beer together”, according to Plisiewicz. 

Plisiewicz, originally from Trevorton, Pennsylvania, graduated from Bloomsburg in 2011 with a degree in Biology Natural History with a minor in Geology. He loved to learn and went the untraditional route post-college into the beer brewing industry.  

He received brewing kits by coincidence from both his mother and the girl he was dating at the time, and having an additional recipe piqued his interest! His friend called him shortly after that, and they later got together and brewed plenty of beer. 

At the start of his academic undergraduate career, he lived in the JKA apartments on upper campus the first year they opened. Plisiewicz wasn’t necessarily the most involved nor studious, but he got done what he had to get done. Now, the graduate resides in Danville.  

A natural learner and lover of new experiences, Plisiewicz thrives on diving into new, independent projects and master aspects of life. “Freedom of creation and direction in my job is the best. If I got an itch I have to scratch [with beer], I can do it here.” 

The brewer’s interests lean towards the sciences and understanding how the world works. “The foundation built within the biology degree allowed for the broad base of knowledge it gives you. It impacts how I approach things and try to figure them out. Going through the sciences teaches you how to address problems appropriately, which in turn I’m fit to figure stuff out.”  

The beer brewing process is an art form in addition to being a science. “Nothing gets me excited more than creating a brand-new beer”, he expressed. On tap right now is a new creation he’s proud of called “Maize In- Corn Stout.” 

There’s a lot of anticipation because no one knows precisely how the beer will end up. Then, mastering it behind the scenes is even more impressive. Plisiewicz believes this is the most significant component of the process. Beer directly impacts science, and once released into the world, people voice their opinions. 

The only other road Plisiewicz could turn if he ever were to leave THBC is to brew himself under his terms. He shared how this would be the only logical route if that ever were the case. He believes, “If I were to go under another roof, it’s of my own accord.” Yet, he admires where he is at in life now and wouldn’t change it.