Capturing B the Best U Day

Carly Busfield and Colton Bryner

On Wednesday, April 19th, prior to “block party weekend”, the B the Best U Day event was held on campus. The organizations participating included the BUPD, Bloomsburg PD, The Student Health Center, The Center for Counseling and Human Development, Alcohol & Other Drug Prevention Services, the office of the Dean of Students, Title IX, the BU Women’s Resource Center, and the BU LGBTQA Resource Center.

Sarah Kochran and Catherine Garverick worked at the Dean’s Office table, representative of the office of the Dean of Students.

At the Dean of Students table, Grad Students Sarah Kochand and Catherine Garverick hand out souvenirs with a smile. Photo by Colton Bryner.
Kaia Neu hands out t-shirts at the Title Nine table. Photo by Colton Bryner. 











The Title IX table was run by Kaia Neu. She handed out t-shirts at the Title Nine table promoting the end of sexual assault. The Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Prevention and Intervention Services informed their audience on how alcohol and other substances affect the body in immersive ways, such as utilizing the “drunk goggles” instilling a sense of impairment. Officers Ken Auchter, Jeff Bachinger, and David Bowman assisted in the use of “drunk goggles” allowing students to walk around in them.

Student Angel Persing walks with ‘drunk goggles’ while Officers Ken Auchter, Jeff Bachinger and David Bowman are there to support. Photo by Colton Bryner.
Director Margarite Hahn, and Pure Educators Brianna Hunter and Gunnar Newton represent the AOD Office. Photo by Colton Byner.











Along with the other organizations promoting good health and wellbeing, the Student Health Center also had a pop up stand. Elizabeth Rake represented the Student Health Center providing guidance for the betterment of the students’ health. The Health and Wellness Center also participated in the event with representatives Kristi Hammaker and Jessica McCarthy.

“Health and Wellness Center representatives Jessica McCarthy and Kristi Hammaker show some Husky Pride by posing with Roongo. Photo by Colton Bryner. 
Elizabeth Rake gives out information about the Student Health Center. Photo by Colton Bryner.












The Quest team provided a walking balance beam for people to attempt to cross. Team members, Riley Williard, Nick McCormack, and Sarah Humes happily engaged in the activity with those attending the event. There were also therapy huskies at the event. One special husky, Mika, was lead by her handler Marilyn Witherup greeting many students.

Friends Riley Williard and Sarah Humes walk on the balance beam as QUEST Director Nick McCormack watches. Photo by Colton Bryner. 
Student Alex Bartman poses with dog Mika and her handler Marilyn Witherup. Photo by Colton Bryner.