Huskies in Heat: Should Women Supply the Condoms for Heterosexual Hookups?

Q: Why do women always have to supply condoms at a heterosexual hookup? – Mia

Feminine condom graphic. Designed by Carly Busfield.

A: Hey Mia! That is a really great question, especially since we usually aren’t the ones who wear condoms. Although the female condom market is present, who wants to put that giant balloon inside of them? 

For the most part, we believe that women tend to use condoms they have purchased for their safety reasons. Condoms could be expired or have a hole, making it ineffective. Sexually transmitted diseases and accidental pregnancy are unexpected situations that are scary when uneducated. 

Taking these preventative measures is better safe than sorry. Taking care of or going further through any kind of unforeseen circumstance like these can be costly, especially to a college student. The cost of raising a child from birth to adulthood can start at three hundred thousand dollars and go even higher. 

Although it may be nice and thoughtful for the male partner in this instance to come prepared, they may also not want to insinuate they are expecting sexual intercourse either out of respect. It goes both ways. 

A word of advice, keep a box of condoms on-hand in your home, purse, pocket (depending on scenario), and anywhere that is respectfully convenient. As for your partner, depending on how consistent the sexual intercourse or the stage of the relationship, this can even be a mature conversation to have to demonstrate similar habits. This conversation should never be awkward if you are both comfortable with each other [which you should be]. 

Overall, women SHOULD supply their own condoms for the sole purpose of safety but, it truly can be annoying and your feelings are valid.