Donors Celebrate at Scholarship Luncheon


Attendees at the ’23 Scholarship Luncheon. Photo by Rebecca Sokolowski.

Rebecca Sokolowski

The annual Bloomsburg University Scholarship Luncheon was held in the Kehr Student Union Ballroom on Sunday, April 23rd, 2022. Attendees enjoyed listening to guest speaker and donor Lamar Oglesby recall his time as a Bloomsburg student.

“Being selfless is one of the most noble human characteristics, which is often overlooked”, stated Oglesby on why he likes attending events that celebrate the gifts that donors provide for the Bloomsburg community.

After graduating in 2007, Oglesby now works for Rutgers University and funds a scholarship of his own for Bloomsburg students.

Student athlete and scholarship recipient Leesy Kraus also gave a speech describing the immense impact that Bloomsburg’s field hockey team had on her decision to attend the University. Kraus then recalled her educational journey as a Nursing student with a Spanish minor. While describing her time as a nursing assistant she saw firsthand how “nurses are the backbone of patient-centered care”, and described the nursing program at BU as “exceptional for its clinical experience”.

Recipients and donors sat together and learned about one another on a more personal level, some meeting for the first time at the Luncheon. Attendee and Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Social Science, and Humanities James Brown, Ph.D. stated that “it’s really humbling to see the degree of investment that people are willing to make in the University and student.”

This was also a time for Alumni and current students to come together and share their experiences as Bloomsburg students and forge new connections