Do BU Students still use Cable Television?


Do BU Students still use Cable Television? Graphic created by Carly Busfield.

Carly Busfield, Co Editor-in-Chief

Streaming services have been the craze for the last few years, but especially with college students. Smart televisions, Roku TVs, Amazon Firesticks, online streaming, and more have taken over the scene. Yet, do BU students watch cable television anymore?

A Google Form based survey was posted via The Voice’s Instagram that lasted from May 25 until June 2. A total of fourteen anonymous responses have been collected. The BU students were posed the question: Do you utilize cable television while living at school, only streaming sites (such as Netflix, Hulu, etc.), or both?

Their choices of response varied between these options:

A. I only use cable TV while living at school.

B. I only utilize streaming sites while living at school.

C. Both A & B.

The most popular option chosen was “B. I only utilize streaming sites while living at school.” This option was chosen by 13 of the 14 respondees, which is an obscene contrast. 92.9% of answers were B, 7.1% was C, and 0% was A.

Copied chart taken from Google Form by Carly Busfield.

Even though the response number may be of smaller quantity, the evidence still proves strong that cable television is a dying medium of entertainment. The phrase “cord cutter” is used when referring to someone who has cancelled/given up on their cable [or in other words doing the action of “cord cutting”].

What do streaming services provide that cable television does not? These services provide a diverse range of content priced at a fraction of the cost of any cable bill. In addition to a cheaper price, viewers will not be paying for channels they do not watch.

One significant change in the field of entertainment is the decline of cable TV. Additionally, it deals a severe financial fall to cable companies, who are already having trouble keeping up with the fast-paced environment.

In order to offset the losses, cable companies are increasingly [and helplessly] relying on wireless phone products and services, home security, and additional offerings. For consumers, though, it’s further beneficial.

In all reality, do college students or landlords want to be dealing with a cable bill anymore when they can make it hassle free with streaming services? No, they do not when the easier, cheaper option is obvious. Streaming services have changed the television show and movie industry forever.

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