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Bloomsburg University Enters Sixth Year of Stagnant Tuition Despite Inflation 

Bloomsburg University is entering its sixth year of stagnant tuition costs. The University is known for being one of the most affordable state schools to attend, and more than that, the state college offers students peace of mind when it comes to a consistent tuition rate. 

Despite being a difficult standard to maintain, Bloomsburg University, now known as Commonwealth University Bloomsburg Campus, has kept tuition at a competitive $7,716. 

The cost of attendance after financial aid lands at $18,794, nearly a thousand dollars less than the average cost of $19,250 at other public 4-year institutions. With 36% of students considered low-income as indicated by their receipt of Federal Pell Grant Aid, it is clear many students find Bloomsburg an attainable way to begin their legacy. 

The board responsible for making decisions around tuition and fees, which determine the overall cost for attendees, has 20 members. Chairwoman Dr. Cynthia Shapira is the main individual in charge of Commonwealth’s Board of Governors, who put everything in place. 

After serving on the board for seven years, she implemented important changes to the university’s systems, which determine tuition costs. 

“The Board of Governors has made policy decisions and taken a series of actions over the past five years with the goal of holding tuition as low as possible. Some of those decisions had to do with instituting greater accountability for aligning costs with revenues,” Shapira stated. 

The flatness of the technology fee, which falls around $239 per semester for the average full-time student, and the low tuition cost (around $3,858.00 per semester), are the two most important parts of establishing Bloomsburg’s competitive attendance cost.

 “We are fortunate to have three student Governors on our board who also advocate for and provide for us the students’ perspective,” Shapira said of the PASSHE’s student government.

 Another notable individual who helped make tuition affordable was businessman Daniel Klingerman, a notable accounting major alumni of Bloomsburg University. He was the only BU graduate on the board and owns a popular equity-holding company called the Liberty Group. Attending in-state schools is one of the best ways students can take advantage of local scholarships and avoid high-interest loans. 90% of students who attend Bloomsburg are PA residents seeking the advantages of in-state tuition. 

“Commonwealth University offers students an exceptional academic experience with the opportunity for robust experiential learning experiences that help shape them into future professionals,” said Commonwealth University President, Dr. Bashar Hanna. 

“Our ability to do that affordably helps ensure their success after graduation by allowing them to graduate without excessive debt,” he continued. 

As for the future, the increasing cost of living along with the higher demand for professors will surely lead to challenges in meeting the tight budget the board of governors and their chancellor have achieved in the past. However,  President Dr. Hanna has hope that Bloomsburg University will continue to give students the affordability they need to reach their goals. 

“Our hope is certainly that costs for students will remain affordable next year and long into the future,” said Hanna.

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