JAILED FOR POSSESSION: Bloomsburg Police find seven pounds of marijuana in student’s Glenn Avenue apartment


Zoe Zajac, Contributing Writer

Bloomsburg Police seized a total of seven pounds of marijuana and $3,300 in cash, along with numerous paraphernalia items in a drug bust that resulted in the arrest of a Bloomsburg University student.

Officers found BU student Christopher Feliciano in possession of a large quantity of marijuana, THC vape cartridges, THC wax and “Moonrocks” (a single bud of marijuana that is coated with wax and dusted with Kief).

Earlier in the week, Bloomsburg Police received a tip from a student source who claimed that Feliciano participated in illegal sales of marijuana and was in possession of a substantial quantity of the drug.

The entire operation was conducted under a warrant issued for Feliciano’s apartment along Glenn Avenue.

Once suspicion was raised in this case, local police started their initial investigation into the scene by conducting a “controlled buy.” The day before the arrest, a confidential informant was sent to meet with Feliciano by police with trackable money to facilitate the purchasing of substances.

According to the informant, the apartment held a significant amount of marijuana in a black case and plastic bags that were assumed to hold controlled substances.

Feliciano now faces three charges, including possession of substances, paraphernalia and possession with intent to deliver substances.

In response to the arrest, Tom McGuire, BU’s Director of Media Relations and Content Strategy, says that “[BU is] aware of the incident involving one of our students. Students who are cited or arrested by a law enforcement agency or convicted of a crime in criminal or civil court will be subject to a university judicial review by the Office of the Dean of Students which could lead to disciplinary sanctions for the students.”

This incident adds to the copious number of students that were found in possession of illegal substances this spring semester.