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The “Astronots” take off to the stage

Carly Busfield
Members of the space crew tethered to the side of the rocket, preparing to orbit.

Stuck inside a rocket ship with a deranged billionaire traveling to outer space as the reality slips farther away. The night sky gleaming with shining stars as the future is uncertain.

The BU Players perform “The Astronots” written by Mora V. Harris, under the direction of David A. Miller, on November 2nd to the 5th.

Billionaire CEO Alston Garth invites four lucky contest winners to join him in an unmanned craft for a picturesque orbit surrounding the Earth. When Alston reveals that he has a bigger adventure in store for them, the passengers take action to change the ship’s course before they end up stuck in space.

“It’s got a bit of everything: comedy, romance, drama, action. There should be something for everyone in this play”, says Andrew Lawrence, a senior secondary education student. It is noted in the introduction that the production itself appeals to adults rather than children.

Actors (left to right) Drew Douglas Rehrig, Andy Lawrence, Colin Search, Kelsey Sheffe, and Johanna Gelb look to the galaxy for a way home. (Carly Busfield)

This performance is a breaking moment for Lawrence, who is performing his first show on the main stage as Wieland De Julio. “Andy” has performed other student written shows in the past in addition to his high school theatre experience.

“This experience could have never been a reality if I didn’t commit to auditioning the night before auditions. It has been the best decision I’ve made this semester”, said Lawrence.

The crew steering the ship

The BU Players feel privileged to be a part of “The Astronots”‘ inaugural theatrical production. Theatre enthusiasts will enjoy something new from the play, which will make them consider strangely parallel past events.

The onstage cast is made up of Colin Search as Alston Garth, Johanna Gelbs as Sage Warmack, Drew Douglas Rehrig as Reginald Walker, Kelsey Sheffe as Faith Sherwood, Andrew Lawrence as Wieland De Julio, Eliana M. Tate as Hindy Hordiner, Olivia Ward as Cameron Walker, and Gia DeLuca and Jade Melton as Various Utopians.

The scenic design is by Titus O’Neil (BU Alum ’17), costume, makeup & hair design is by Alia Storino, lighting design is by A’nie Kirchner (Guest Professional), sound design by Thomas Halko, properties design by Katie Kuhlen and Prof. Ethan H. Krupp, the Fight and Blood Effects Coordinator is Eliana M. Tate, the Dramaturg is Matthew Hogeland, the Intimacy Director is Colleen Hughes (Guest Professional), Stage Manager is Mitch Leso, Technical Director is Prof. Ethan H. Krupp, and the Costume Director is Prof. Emily Weisgerber.

The cast on-ship float through the spaceship when they lose gravity. (Carly Busfield)

Bracing for impact

An abundance of hard work goes into every production from the BU Players, whether it is on set or during off set preparation.

The set is made out of wood and was constructed at the scene shop in the Haas Center. It was not until the week of October 23 when the set was fully painted and completed.

The crew started placing completed parts of the set on the stage on October 14, although they had been working on hanging lights since October 10.

“The Astronots” began show casing their journey at the Alvin Krause Theatre on November 2-5, soaring the galaxy each night for a full audience.

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