Defining ‘student success’ How BloomU uses the ‘Student Success Fee’


Hannah Bracey, Contributing Writer

The applications of the Student Success Fee are not well-known among the students of Bloomsburg University, though each student pays the fee each semester. The money collected actually goes toward the payment of people who assist students in getting the most out of their education and the construction of spaces that will improve the learning environment.

The Student Success Fee came into effect beginning in fall of 2016 and started at the price of $300 per semester or $25 per credit for part-time students and was originally supposed to be based on credit hours. However, the fee has since increased to match tuition increases.

The fee is now $320 per semester for full-time students and $26.75 per credit for part-time students.

According to Bloomsburg University’s official website, the fee was put into place largely because of the great decrease in the university’s revenue that is accounted for by state appropriation.

Bloomsburg University noticed an increase in the need for academic support services, but with less money coming in, there was a need for funding for the resources required to help support students.

Associate Vice President of Student Success Dr. Marty Wygmans states that the money is used for programming and outreach, such as tutoring supplements. Revenue could be used to make a space to help students succeed, such as a learning center. It could also be used to employ tutors and coordinators, and it will be put towards programs that will ultimately support students.

Although the fee applies to all students, most students have never even heard of it. If they have, they misinterpret what they are being charged for.“I have no idea what [the Student Success Fee] is,” says BU Senior Psychology Major Suzanne Holbrook. The university seeks to continue to provide a high-quality educational experience, and the Student Success Fee aims to assist in the ongoing funding toward resources that will help students succeed while also impacting student retention and graduation rates.