BU rescinds Blue Lot tickets

Teresa Nappo, Contributing Writer

Parking tickets were issued about three weeks ago to students parked in Blue Lot on Upper Campus for not parking legally inside the white lines. However, inclement weather had prevented students from being able to see the lines on the pavement.

University Police distributed $15 parking tickets once the temperature rose and caused the snow and ice to melt. They later concluded that the cars were parked on top of the lines before the tickets were issued from the previous snowstorm.

“BUPD immediately collected the tickets and voided the violations” says Tom McGuire, BU’s Director of Media Relations and Content Strategy. “They regret the inconvenience and shortcoming.”

There is not a sign posted anywhere at the Blue Lot stating that students can be ticketed for not parking in the white lines correctly. However, this rule is highly enforced by the university and can be found in the parking regulations handbook. It clearly states that students and faculty cannot park on the grass or outside of lined areas and must be properly parked inside the white lines.

Cameryn Evans, a freshman Criminal Justice major, fought and won the violation before she was informed that the BUPD voided all tickets. Parking tickets have to be appealed or paid online through the permit store, according to the parking regulations handbook on the Bloomsburg University Parking webpage.

Additionally, ‘violators who get three or more parking tickets, with one or more unpaid, for at least 20 days prior to the current violation, will have their vehicle booted and/or towed at the owner’s or driver’s expense” according to the guidelines posted on Bloomsburg University’s website.

It is not clear if this issue has happened in the past, but now it can be prevented in the future for both police and students.

All parking rules and regulations can be found on the Bloomsburg University Parking website.