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Huskies in Heat: Tips for Better Self-Esteem and Confidence in 2024

Huskies in heat graphic created by Carly Busfield.
Carly Busfield
Huskies in heat graphic created by Carly Busfield.

The new year is here! That means new goals, new plans, and new experiences. If you’re not much of the ‘New Year’s resolution’ type, then I definitely recommend at least adding self-esteem and confidence into your goals for 2024! If that’s something you struggle with, then this list is for you! And if not, then great! It’s not bad to still use these tips as a refresher, though! Let’s get into it!

1.) Get to know yourself better.
Know what you’re good at and really strive in that area. Do the things you love, like hobbies and other things, and also what triggers negative emotions so you can avoid them.

2.) Meet new people.
Meeting new people may lead to new friends who will help to give you a sense of community and having a great support system and friends who truly care are crucial.

3.) Avoid comparing yourself to others.
This one is easier said than done. You may think to yourself, “this person has way more (money, nice clothes, talent, beauty, friends, etc.) than me…” But in reality, it only matters what you’re doing, and comparing yourself to others will only hold you back. You run on your own timeline and you have many things to offer the world.

4.) Surround yourself with people who inspire you, support you, and treat you well.
Pretty much the same thing as #2, but surround yourself with friends and people who hype you up and make your confidence skyrocket.

5.) Take care of yourself and your mental health.
Do things you love, take mental health days, journal, rest when you need to, and take breaks from social media, and confide in friends or a mental health professional! Whatever you need to prioritize YOU, it’s important.

6.) Wear the outfit!
This one I personally live by quite often! Even if it has bright colors and wild shoes, wear the outfit if it makes you happy! Even if others aren’t the biggest fan, if it brings you confidence, why do other people’s opinions matter? Your real friends will want you to wear something that makes you feel good about yourself, and when you’re confident, it shows.

7.) Weight =/= Worth
Don’t compare your worth to the number on the scale. Your body is beautiful no matter what and keeps you alive and if you ever want to change for yourself (not others!) then do so in a healthy way, whether it’s gaining weight or losing weight!

8.) Practice more positive self-talk and less self-deprecating jokes.
Another one that’s easier said than done. Self-deprecating jokes are really common for us, but they do a lot to tear you down. Practice more positivity when you talk about yourself and try not to put yourself down.

9.) Practice saying no (and yes!)
Say ‘no’ to things and people that are not serving you and say ‘yes’ to new opportunities such as new experiences, friends, and socialization.

10.) Accept compliments.
I know some people have trouble accepting compliments because they may not believe it or they think the person isn’t being genuine but if you try to accept compliments whenever you receive them (truly, a simple ‘aw thanks!’ will do!) you may start to believe them after a while.

11.) Set boundaries with friends and family.
This one is important. Once you get to know yourself a little better (reference to #1) and knowing what makes you tick, you may be able to build the confidence to set boundaries with friends and family. Don’t worry if it’s silly; your boundaries are yours and deserve to be respected. If someone would go against them, that says way more about them than it does about you.

12.) Forgive and accept yourself.
Mistakes are the worst; everyone’s a little cringy sometimes and does embarrassing things. Accept yourself, and move on with every aspect of yourself, and grow with every version of yourself that you’re becoming.

13.) Welcome mistakes as a part of growth and not as a loss.
As I just said, mistakes are the worst, and maybe you didn’t get on a sports team, maybe you didn’t get a final grade that you were proud of, or maybe you did something to accidentally hurt someone. Use mistakes as something to learn from and grow from, not something that’s the end of the world. Because in the grand scheme of life, a tiny mistake isn’t going to ruin the entirety of your life.

14.) Practice gratitude.
Keep a gratitude journal, and reflect on things that you’re thankful for, and tell the ones you love that you love them!

15.) Seek uplifting resources like therapy or counseling.
Therapy is extremely important to keep a balanced life and while friends can be uplifting, seeing a professional can work wonders. (Counseling is available on campus at: www.bloomu.edu/counseling and 570-389-4255. )

We here at The Voice wish you all the best for this upcoming semester, and remember that you don’t need a huge list of resolutions to pressure yourself with! Just doing your best and take care of yourself, and sometimes even just existing, is enough. Trust yourself and love yourself; you’ve got this! Happy 2024, Huskies!

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