BloomU entrance gets a makeover

Jess Barnett, News Editor

The entrance to campus located on Lightstreet Road will be under construction until April 2019. Remodeling the gateway to campus is all part of the 2014 Master Plan. This entrance, when completed, will have a new and more welcoming look.

According to Eric Ness, Assistant VP for Facilities Management, “This gateway includes decorative brick walls, wrought iron fence, walkway lighting, landscaped plantings and signage.” This project started in October 2017 and will be done this semester by April.

This project has cost a total of $690,000, and it currently 45% of the way done. “The project is timed to work hand in glove with the intersection improvement project just completed. The improvement made the intersection itself twice as large,” says Ness.

Once the new entrance is completed, it will be more helpful in guiding visitors onto the campus. With the new lighting that will be put into place as well as a sidewalk, it will provide a much safer walkway across Lightstreet Road.