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Does the freshman class identify as BU or CU students?

With the merge of Bloomsburg, Mansfield, and Lock Haven University into Commonwealth University and the arrival of the new freshman class of ’27 & ’28, confusion has been present for many. Many don’t quite understand the significance of the merge or if the Bloomsburg students applied to is the Bloomsburg they are now attending. As the second class officially entering the world of CU, a wider mix of opinions have emerged as the community begins to slowly understand the impact of the merge.

Isaiah River. Photo by Thomas Anderson.

“I personally feel that if it was the best decision for all 3 of the schools then I guess this is something acceptable to be proud of.” – Isaiah River






Liam Carbonaro. Photo by Thomas Anderson.

“I personally do [identify as a Bloomsburg student], I know other people feel that it should be the Commonwealth but Bloomsburg is what I applied too so that’s what I call it.” – Liam Carbonaro





Derick Mueller. Photo by Thomas Anderson.

“I think it’s gonna provide students with a lot of opportunities that they wouldn’t be able to get at just one university.” -Derick Mueller





Shane Christensen. Photo by Thomas Anderson.

“I think it was smart personally because all three schools combined together. Say I wanna transfer to Lock Haven or Mansfield, they’ll accept all credits and it won’t be so hard to transfer… I honestly didn’t feel discouraged to apply here.” -Shane Christensen




With what you’ve heard from these freshman shows a general feeling that Bloomsburg students is what they identify as. While also maintaining that they feel that the merger was important in ensuring that all three schools provided new opportunities and a better foundation for education in all universities.

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