The Mighty Susquehannas rock the The Study’s stage

Ed Murphy, Photo Editor

On Feb. 16, The Study was rocking again with local band The Mighty Susquehannas. The band who created their own genre of music, River Funk, kept the night moving along with the seemingly endless jam session.

Their unique sound is the perfect complement to The Study. Depending on where an audience member was sitting, the music could be viewed as ambient melodies to fill the background of a friendly conversation. If you’re sitting closer, it was a solid vibe of music that would keep one’s head bobbing to the tunes.

In between what seemed like never ending guitar-solos was a nice variety of covers. The band brought up a singer who howled and roared a little bit of everything and dabbled in an array of genres. The covers included, The Wood Brothers, Buffalo Springfield, The Talking Heads, and my personal favorite, Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy.”

When speaking with fans that follow The Mighty Susquehannas, they also do full set covers of bands after their intermission. The fans noted that year to year they change from covering Eric Clapton, The Grateful Dead and others throughout the year.

During their second set, the band took on a whole new dynamic with the addition of a woodwind musician. He brought out a saxophone and flute to change the mood of the band. It was with the addition of the instruments that really took the band to the next level.

When speaking with the band members, they all echoed the same sentiment. They are all simply a group of friends that grew up together with a love for music. They are all just happy to still be playing together.

The band would also like to extend their gratitude to the venue. They stated that The Study is one of the better venues in town. They emphasized that The Study is one of the only venues who considered the band when making the layout of the bar.