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‘Core-four’ positions in CGA elected for ’24-’25 cycle

What Happened:

Bloomsburg Community Government Association (CGA) Executive Board election was held on Wednesday, February 21st, 2024. Core-four positions were filled, but all other executive board positions results are still pending.

Why it matters:

CGA Executive Board and Senate make decisions on behalf of the student body in areas including Quest, food and shuttle services, as well as organizing The Big Event. Any student can join the CGA Senate to have a say in what’s happening in the on and off-campus Bloomsburg community and vote for the students leading.


Elections are held annually in the spring semester to determine positions for the upcoming year. President Matt Yurkunas and Vice President Ashleigh Cake were elected to their positions after running unopposed.

“For me, the integration is one of the big challenges that is the most visible to students,” Yurkunas states in regards to what inspires him to lead CGA, “a prime example is that two-hour delay, and that all came down to integration policies and working through those things.”

John Seibert has climbed the ranks from Student Representative to Junior Class President, now to the newly elected Secretary. He will be replacing Kayla Kinney who will be graduating this spring. Seibert is also running for Senior Class President against Jennifer Colna.

“A lot of [Senior class president responsibilities] is going to come down to attending meetings with the class officers, who over sees the funds for the graduating classes, then at the end of the year we give

CGA President Matt Yurkunas. Photo by CU.
CGA Vice President Ashleigh Cake. Submitted photo.
CGA Secretary John Seibert. Photo by CU.
CGA Treasurer Brandon Ikeler. Photo by CU.

a class gift to the school,” Seibert states as his duties if he were to win Senior Class President.

Brandon Ikeler was re-elected to his position for a second term as Treasurer, after running unopposed.

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