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Four Remain in Race for Sole Survivor

Survivor-Bloomsburg is wrapping up as the number of castaways dwindles down. With only the Season Finale episode left, the pressure is on for the remaining four castaways, known as the Final Four. The Season 1 Final Four is made up of castaways Alek Harkins, Claire Schmoke, Jake Casella, and Katie Doebler. The season finale will take place Thursday, April 18th, at 7 p.m. in the Kehr Student Union Ballroom. But first, read below to make sure you are up to date on the events of the past two Survivor-Bloomsburg episodes.

Week 9:

Episodenine of Survivor-Bloomsburg brought three challenges for the Castaways to navigate, as well as two Tribal Council meetings. The first challenge of the night was entitled “Rock Wall Climb,” and Jake Casella won this challenge. The second challenge of the night was titled “Uphill Treadmill,”  and this challenge was dominated by Marcus Vener. The last challenge of the night was entitled “Totem Pole Endurance Hold.” The winner of this challenge was Alek Harkins.

All three of these winners received immunity necklaces, which protected them from being eliminated during Tribal Council. However, the other three remaining Castaways were not safe from Tribal Council eliminations. The first Tribal Council meeting brought the elimination of Brady Armstrong, and the second meeting resulted in Jay Maurer’s elimination from the competition.

The production team for Survivor-Bloomsburg. Photo submitted by George Kinzel.

Helping Hands in the game

During the episode nine competition, Katelyn Doebler and Jake Casella both decided to play the “Twin Turtles Immunity Idols” that Katelyn won for them in episode two. Casella used his to grant himself immunity, while Doebler used hers to give Alyssa Barnes immunity.

Marcus Vener got the opportunity to pick which castaways had which poles during the “Totem Pole Endurance Hold” challenge due to his victory in the second challenge of the night. Vener decided to give the two six-pound poles to Jake Casella and Alek Harkins, leaving the rest of the castaways with nine-pound totem poles for the challenge.

Week 10:

Episode 10 was the last Survivor-Bloomsburg episode before the finale and ended in the naming of the final four castaways of the game. The Final Four will move on to the season finale episode, where they will battle it out for the title of Sole Survivor and $1,000.

Survivor Bloomsburg’s Final Four before they completed the SURVIVOR Rite of Passage Campus Walk, honoring the castaways that were eliminated so far in the competition. Photo submitted by George Kinzel.

In Episode ten, there were three different challenges castaways participated in. The first challenge of the night was an advantage challenge, meaning the castaways were competing for an advantage in the next challenge of the night. This challenge was called “Don’t Fall Short, It’s Time to Support,” and it was won by the green team, which consisted of Alyssa Barnes, Marcus Vener, and Katie Doebler.

The next challenge was an immunity challenge, so the castaways were fighting for an immunity necklace, which would prevent them from getting eliminated in Tribal Council. The challenge was called “Spill the Tea: who Said or did THAT this Season,” and it was won by Katie Doebler. The winners of the first challenge got to start three steps ahead of their opponents in this challenge as their advantage. While Doebler and Barnes took full advantage of this opportunity, Vener decided to give his advantage to Jake Casella instead of using it himself.

The Final Four Castaways on Survivor-Bloomsburg. Photo submitted by George Kinzel.

The last challenge of Episode ten was another immunity challenge, and it was entitled “Steady and Focused: Jenga Tower Power.” Katie Doebler also won this challenge, meaning she was granted immunity from both the Tribal Council meetings of the night. However, some castaways were not as fortunate. Episode ten led to the elimination of castaways Marcus Vener and Alyssa Barnes. These two castaways were added to the Castaway Jury, which includes the following castaways:

After the eliminations of Episode 10, the Final Four of Survivor-Bloomsburg remained: Alek Harkins, Claire Schmoke, Jake Casella, and Katie Doebler. These four will move on to the Season Finale, where they will compete for $ 1,000 and the title of Sole Survivor. The Season Finale episode will include challenges, a Q&A with the Jury, tribal councils, a live reunion show, and announcements about what will be happening this fall. All this and more during the Season Finale of Survivor-Bloomsburg, which will be held on Thursday, April 18th, at 7 p.m. in the Kehr Student Union Ballroom. Make sure to come and find out who will be the Season 1 Sole Survivor of Survivor-Bloomsburg!

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