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Model U.N. faces financial insecurities

Model U.N. is currently facing a financial crisis. The organization has to split $1,000 between Lockhaven, Mansfield and Bloomsburg. Many people have expressed interest in wanting to join Model UN but are not being let in because they simply do not have the funds to support new members.

Amelia Alfiero described the urgency and frustration of this issue.  There have been around eight new students interested in joining, not including incoming freshmen, but they can only take around six to eight. Alfiero is a freshman and is the new treasurer and she is passionate about this club and wants to see it succeed.

“Just because there is more interest in the club does not mean we get more funds because of it,” she said.

Throughout each semester they spend money to go to different high school conferences which ends up draining most of the funds. It is around $1,300 to rent out Kehr Union for these conferences alone, and that is just one conference.

“We are paying for gas to travel, entrance fees, lunch for the students, and extra help to set up these conferences.”

The club is struggling to make ends meet but plan on doing different fundraisers to help raise some of their funds.

“We have smart students and we are winning awards and getting honorable mentions, so this matters to students and we want to continue doing this,” said Alfiero.

She also described how they were going to be reorganizing club roles to help newer members gain experience and travel up different ranks. This new system is meant to help inclement new members and conserve the amount of money they are using at each conference.

Model U.N. has not been the only club that has been affected by the merger in terms of funding and it raises a big question as to whether or not the merger has done more hurt than help to Bloomsburg.  


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