Sheridan welcomes you to his wild West

Ed Murphy, Photo Editor

Taylor Sheridan is on the up and up in the show business world. The screenwriter and director has made his mark with critics and audiences alike. Sheridan has four films in circulation and three of them have rotten tomato scores of 87 or higher and equally impressive scores from fans.
Notably, he directed the fan-favorite “Yellowstone.” His distinct style of story telling sticks out from the majority of  films and shows that are being viewed by the public.

The driving point for Sheridan’s excellent start to his career is his storytelling. “Sicario,” “Hell or Highwater” and “Wind River” each show this off throughout their run time. The three films have fairly straight forward concepts. Fight the bad guy, steal the money, and find the murderer. Nothing groundbreaking, but solid stories.

What really sets the movies apart is the characters. Emily Blunt, Chris Pine and Jeremy Renner and the rest of the supporting cast were all outstanding actors in their right, but they can’t be outstanding without an excellent script and film direction.

Sheridan allows the characters to move the plot along rather than showcasing intense action or violence. He believes that the audience can pick up on the subtle cues and body language that the actor gives off. Another common thing Sheridan has between all his programs is the setting. All of his films take place in what was formly the wild, wild West. “Sicario,” “Hell or High Water,” and “Wind River” are apart of his modern-western triliogy that shows that the west has been tamed, but definality not won.

“Sicario” is about the drug war between America and Mexico and how the uncoruptable can be corrupted. “Hell or Highwater” tells the tale of bank robbers stealing from the bank who wronged them. “Wind River” is about the life style of Native Americans on a reservation and the murder of a local girl. All three films have different stories, but are all tied to the common thought that the West is still a coarse place to live.

Watching Chris Pine drive through the plateaus of Texas, or Jeremy Renner riding a snowmobile through the Wyoming hills, wild hunting mountain lions will always put asses in seats.

Theses movies are not some intellectual art house film that only appeal to a specific demographic. These films have enough action and drama to draw mass appeal.