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Saxbys needs to be sacked

    If you’ve been following my rant articles, then you know how much I like to complain about the construction. Well, I decided to gather other students’ input about the subject and put out a survey about the new Saxby’s that is coming to campus.

     From the results of my survey, it seems a good percentage of people didn’t even know we were getting a Saxby’s, and that’s my exact point.

     For those of you who are wondering, Saxby’s is a coffeeshop that must not be very well-known because not only did 37% of the people I asked not even know we were getting one, but many people commented that they had never even heard of it.

     Well, to answer the burning question, it is what is being built in Lycoming Hall and what I refer to as the “big glass box.”

     Some people that are diehard coffee lovers are excited for the new addition, despite possibly not knowing about it and that’s fine. However, several students share my opinion of being that it is just plain unnecessary and especially with it being so close to Starbucks.

    One student noted that they don’t necessarily think it is a bad idea, they just think it should be something else completely. Some suggestions that were offered up were an ice cream shop, another POD like the one in Centennial, or a make your own pizza station, with the potential to make veggie pizzas for those veggie lovers out there.

     Another student noted how it is incredibly frustrating to not know the purpose behind all the construction. I completely agree and think that it is strange that there is no “Coming Soon: Saxby’s” sign or something of that nature.

     Maybe people would be more excited about it if they actually you know knew it was coming. When Soltz was being built they weren’t at all shy about advertising the fact that Chick-Fil-A and Qdoba were going to be a part of the building. All I can ask myself is why? Why is it a big secret that this is what is to come?

     When asked about the various construction projects around campus, the respondents of my survey did not hold back. One student exclaimed how the Burger King in Bloomsburg was torn down and rebuilt faster than a set of steps and that the Burger King was rebuilt so fast they didn’t even realize the old one was torn down.

     Another person added how the construction takes a ridiculous amount of time and it’s likely because there are so many projects going on at one time. Somebody else added that while they think it will be a nice addition, the construction is an annoyance.

     Likewise, this person felt that they should have waited until there were less students on campus to do the construction, so they would be inconveniencing fewer people.

     While most of the construction is an annoyance to all of us in some form, there is one thing I’m excited about, and that is the new building being built next to Centennial which will contain all of the current functions of Old Science as well as the functions of Waller. I think it will be nice to have art studios that are actually functional because as all you art students out there know, Old Science can be one heck of mystery.

     However, one student who really loves the Old Science building had one thing to say about it: “If Old Science goes down, I’m going down with it.” That has to be the best quote from all of the survey results I received. Hopefully next semester there will be less construction to complain about!

     Lauren is a sophomore Art major and a Staff Writer for The Voice.

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