Husky Dog Pound winner helps people send ‘sleazy greetings’

Jess Barnett, News Editor

Nate Treichler doesn’t worry about being professional with his greeting cards. A two-time winner of the Husky Dog Pound and a Business Management major, Nate Treichler has made his product Sleazy Greetings available to all of us.

“Sleazy Greetings are strictly unprofessional cards. That is our catch phrase, because it sums it up in three words. Right now there is a cultural disconnect between the current greeting card industry and our generation,” Treichler says.

The basic Hallmark cards provided to us today do not relate to our generation. Treichler says “Everything is too lovey-dovey and does not match the real relationships I have with my friends. I used to make birthday cards for my family that were so blatantly blunt and, simply, poke fun at their flaws. In fact, that is how I originally came up with the idea for Sleazy Greetings in 2017.”

There is nothing close to the cards created by senior Nate Treichler and his chief designer, Tyra Berta, on the market today. He says, “A good way to describe them is instead of a bland and boring ‘happy birthday’ you are going to get more of a ‘happy birthday you crazy bitch.’ That perfectly describes our cards.”

Treichler’s idea of Sleazy greeting cards is mainly a product of his own humor. “Everything is influenced from my own personal humor, which I draw from my culture. Honestly, the college life and all of these cards are reflections of everything I have said or thought in the past,” he says. He then adds, “What inspires me is the life around me and the people I interact with. So I look at how people interact with other people and I write about that.”
It is hard enough to win the Husky Dog Pound competition once, let alone twice. Treichler says “There was a lot of pressure to win a second year in a row. I am very competitive and made it my mission to win and I won by a small margin; so I was extremely nervous. It was a close call, but I am glad I made out on top because it allowed me to make this happen. It was really exciting and a huge relief.”

Three people largely helped Treichler with his idea of a product for the Husky Dog Pound. “My girlfriend, Sara Ferrara, is heavily involved and is the person I bounce ideas off of. Dr. Welch, who is a management professor, was also a big help,” he says. Nate then adds, “I’m also incredibly grateful to have Tyra Berta, who is such a talented artist, working with us to create our sleazy designs.”

Sleazy Greetings is starting off as the go-to source for profane birthday and anniversary cards, but Treichler has plans for the future of his brand.
“We are going to expand into every major holiday. We are just going to dominate the dirty greeting card market. I see this going global, the UK and Canada are going to be a huge market for us. The UK is actually the largest sender of cards in the world,” he comments.
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